Is it good to propose your girlfriend with artificial ring

Lots of people find this topic attractive while others find it weird but trust me you will love reading this article

First, let me describe to you why I choose this topic?

I want to propose my crush and planning for the same.

I take lots of advice from others regarding this and find that in all the stories one thing is common that is a diamond ring.

But do you ever think a guy who is not able to afford a diamond ring, what should he do??

Like I gave you my example I was planning to propose my girlfriend from last two years but not able to do it just because I couldn’t afford a diamond ring.

A lot of men facing the same issues.

Is there any way or alternate to propose your girlfriend without a diamond ring?

YES, the answer is Artificial Ring

You can propose your girlfriend with an imitation ring that comes at an affordable price.

Today imitation jewellery manufacturers develop amazing techniques that give artificial jewellery real look. what people expect about artificial jewellery is totally different – As stated in Artificial Jewellery expectations V/S reality.

It is difficult to differentiate that its a real diamond ring or artificial ring.

What are the benefits of proposing with an artificial ring?

Affordable price

The ring can range between Rs 200 to Rs 5000 if we compare it with the real diamond ring than its range starts with 5000 rs.

Buy her new ring if she doesn’t like that one.

Astrology says that diamond doesn’t suit everyone that means the life of your girlfriend is in danger.

It’s a fact that men don’t have much knowledge about diamonds if someone cheats him by selling fake diamond than he loses all its money.

No risk while travelling

Your life is in danger if you travel with a diamond ring.
Burglar or thieves snatches it from you and that results in you lost all your money

Just for rituals, you propose your girlfriend with a diamond ring than its unacceptable.
If you can afford a diamond ring but your girlfriend doesn’t want it, either she wants a new phone or something else then you can gift her what she wants.
Fortunately, a man wants the happiness of her women that he can give him in many ways.

I know a lot of girls don’t like my answer but think it once with a cool mind if your boyfriend can’t afford it, why pressurized him just because its a ritual.

One thing I advised all the men if your girlfriend refused to accept your proposal that means it’s clear your girlfriend is after your money not after you.

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